• ICO Target

Reached: $120.000 - Softcap $600.000 - Hardcap: $3.000.000

Bonus Structure

Sales from $500 to $2500 5%
Sales from $2501 to $5000 10%
Sales from $5001 to $10000 12.5%
Sales from $10001 to $25000 15%
Sales from $25001 to $75000 22.5%
Sales from $75001 to $100000 25%

7.8 Rated by CryptoProfile

Token Details

Ticker: MUXE

Total supply: 10000000000

Asset Type: Token

Platform: Ethereum ERC20

MVP: Yes

70% of our tokens will be made available to the public.

7,000,000,000 tokens.

2% of the tokens will be reserved for people who contribute their valuable skills and experiences to help speed up the project.

200,000,000 tokens.

2% of the tokens available will go to PRE ICO buyers which will help us pay for necessary expenditures such as smart contract audit, public relation firm, legal advisors fee, consultancy fee along with social media campaigns.

200,000,000 tokens.

20% of the tokens will be retained under MUXE B.V. to be distributed among the teams and advisors. This portion has a vesting period of 1.5 years with a 6-month cliff and will not be available for sale until the vesting period has passed.

2,000,000,000 tokens.

6% of the tokens will be allocated to early business collaborators and partners who can open opportunities and create growth. This approach will encourage adoption of our products by various organizations and achieve broader ecosystems of token holders.


Company information:

  • Registered Company Name: MUXE BV
  • Registered Company Number: 70915350
  • Registered Country: the Netherlands
  • Company Founded Jan 5, 2018

About MUXE

MUXE is the revolutionary one stop innovative platform on all real estate needs. MUXE token is the cryptocurrency for all transactions on the platform that can be used for purchasing a home, office supplies, rental payments to contractors fees. It is a single decentralized platform using Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for transactions. This revolutionary platform will provide the convenience, increase efficiency and money (time) saving for their users.

Recommendations, Guides,and Tips
It is essential to place a system for recommendations, guides, and tips that can be turned on or off when desired by users during their browsing, search or transaction. These components can assist the user in their decision making and optimize their experience on the platform.

Value-Added Services
Contractors such as painters, plumbers, landscaping, and many more can utilize MUXE tokens to list, promote, advertise or transact for their services.

MUXE is easy, convenient and mobile. In addition the platform, it is scalable and compatible for use on all devices. These features to include: QUICK searches, SIMPLE listing steps, Easy buy and sell TX, RELIABLE audit and accounting and PRIVACY maintained.

Up to Date Technology
MUXE will offer new and up to date technologies and plug-ins such like AR and VR apps to assist our users when choosing paint colors, interior designs, furniture, viewing of an apartment, comparing new designs and layouts, which traditional method would not have been possible.

How it works
The MUXE platform allows their users to list for rent, buy or sale of properties, contract services, scheduling movers, to purchasing home improvement equipment.
MUXE token is the cryptocurrency for all transactions on the platform. Our blockchain technology is based on Ethereum ERC20 platform.

Verification Process within Blockchain
Users will undergo a verification process to verify their identity to confirm that they are who they claim to be and the authenticity of the products and services they intend to list are truthful and correct.

Registered members and business partners can list their products and services in the respective categories with simple guided steps.

Our UI features will allow the user to quickly search, view, locate and trace their preferred or favorite products and services for future references. It will have a clean, user-friendly and simple design to cater the wide age group of users.

MUXE B.V. is registered in the Netherlands in full compliance to the Dutch law.

1 January
31 March

1 Establishing the website and branding process (end January 2018)
2 Creating a community of followers and members
3 Establish Newsletter medium for our investors
4 Publication of the whitepaper V1.0
5 Increase the reach/awareness of the MUXE project
6 Search Engine Optimization for MUXE websites.
7 Start the Development on the MUXE One stop platform for all Real Estate Needs

30 June

1 Release new website: MUXE.io
2 Release new MUXE video introduction clips
3 Promote MUXE on Different Platforms, Social Media, Youtube, Blog & Article Posting
4 List MUXE on ICO Calendars
5 Release WP Version 1.2
6 Search for Extra advisors & team members
7 Find extra partnerships
8 Start MAIN ICO – 5 June

31 September

1 Preparation for ICO Listing on selected exchanges (Sept)
2 MUXE Platform development setup
3 Marketing Campaigns / Roadshow / Social Media Exposure/ Partnership & Collaborations with Vendors, Service Providers & Business Operators

31 December

1 1st Phase: Operational offices set up
2 Arnhem / Hong Kong / London / Singapore these are international hubs for real estate companies and business.
4 MUXE Beta Platform & Operational exercises for selected services (DEC)
5 Additional preparations listings on Exchanges
6 Local Marketing Campaigns in the Phase 1 cities


Jaimy de Vries


Justin Wilms


Head Business Development

Patrick can Wanrooy

Co Management

Frank Jurjen

Co Management

Antonio C. Benavides

Business Development Management

Jelle Posthuma

Software & Web Development

Roland Kolb

Web Development

Gabriella de Groot


Bert / Calibra


Delano Langedijk

Growth Hacker

Max NG

ICO Advisor

Stephen Schedra

Vocal & Voice Advisor

Kevlin Olthof

SEO & Marketing Advisor

Vikas Dhanraj

Fintech Advisor

Kingsley Enis

BD Advisor

Ruben L

Spain Community Support


Luis Merino

Spain Community Support



Indonesia Community Support

@Markusangkasa at Telegram


Indonesia Community Support

@kasnia29 at Telegram

Jocelyn Ojinal

Philipins Community Support

@Jo_chiqui at Telegram

Danica J Macaraeg

Philipins Community Support

Enis Abazi

Early Adopter

Silvano Soares

Early Adopter

Aviv Aizenman

Early Adopter

Frans Hoogenwerf

Early Adopter

Luuk Wenselaar

Early Adopter

Niels Petra

Early Adopter

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